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Participation Procedure
Participation procedure
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Contract, Application and Participation Fee Payment Procedure
- Application and contracts shall be submitted to the organizer by September 11,2015.
- Payment of the total fee should be paid within 5 business days of the submission of the application form. The contract will not be confirmed and the exhibit space will not be allocated until payment is made to Changwon Exhibition Convention Center. [Bank: Kyung Nam Bank, Account No.:684-07-0005989(swift code:KYNAKR22), Account Holder: CECO(Changwon Exhibition Convention Center)]
Change of Exhibition
- In case the Organizer changes the opening date and/or venue, downsizes the Exhibition, and/or cancels the Exhibition for reasons of force majeure such as a national crisis or natural disaster, the Exhibitor cannot demand compensation with regard to the application for participation.
Allotment of Exhibition Space
- The Organizer shall determine the location of each participating company in the exhibition hall in consideration of the order in which contract deposit payments are received, the scale of participation.
Penalty for Cancellation of Participation or Downsizing
- If the Exhibitor cancels or decides to scale down its participation after submitting the application and contract, the Exhibitor shall pay the following penalties to the Organizer within 15 days after cancellation or downsizing notification. Participation fees already paid shall be deducted for the following penalties. After deduction, shortfalls shall additionally be paid by the Exhibitor, nd surpluses shall be returned to the Exhibitor
  ~ September 15,2015 : Penalty : 50% of participation fee(booth expense)or of downsizing
  September 16,2015~ : Penalty : 100% of participation fee(booth expense)or of downsizing
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