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Title The 4th International Machine Tools & Parts Fair 2015 [MATOF]
Period 11th November ~14th, 2015
Venue Changwon Exhibition Convention Center[CECO]
Host Gyeongsangnam-do Provincial Government, Changwon City government
Organizer CECO, Korea Tools Industry Cooperative, Busan Gyeongnam Die & Mold Industry Cooperative
Cutting Machine CNC shelves, machining centers, high-speed machining tools, CNC milling machine, CNC griding machine, micro-processors, drilling machine, tapping machine, CNC electric discharge mahchine, laser cutting machine, waterjet cutting machine, ultra-precision machine and other cutting tools
Forming Machine machine and hydraulic preses, shearing machine and press brakes, bending machine, spinners, spring coiling machine, bolt&nut molding machine, thread rolling machine, othre molding tools and automatin equipment
Control& Measuring Instruments PLCs, inverters, converters, hydraulic&pneumatic control devices, moino control devices, sensors, encoders, counters, meters, load cells, machine vision systems, temperature/pressure gauges, etc.
Tools drills, endmills, taps, milling cutters, hobs, diamond tools, carbide tools, power tools, magnetic tools, pneumatic tools and controller units
Related devices & Parts bearings, hydraulic units, hydraulic pumps, lubricant oil, lubricant systems, oil rulers, chip conveyers, CAD/CAM etc.
CECO.6th Floor, 362, Woni-daero,Uichang-gu,Changwon-si,Gyeongsangnam-do,Korea Tel:+82-55-212-1012 Fax:+82-55-212-1200 E-mail:matof@matof.co.kr
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